TriCounty truly is your one-stop shop for friendly, local service. We have everything residents and businesses could need for communication and entertainment—including advertising opportunities for local businesses and events. From online banner ads and yellow pages, to Cable TV ads and programs—if you have something you want to share or promote, TriCounty has a solution for you. The best part? Our incredibly affordable rates and wide reach!

Advertising Opportunities

Thank you for inquiring about TriCounty's Television Advertising. We are excited about the opportunities this service can provide the community and your business.Why Choose Us for your Television Advertising?

  1. We have the best rates for the amount of viewership available.
  2. Our coverage is growing each year.
  3. Our local people will be able to search out local businesses to patronize.
  4. No hassling salesperson - just friendly folks from the community.

Screen Ad Descriptions & Prices

  Daily Weekly Monthly
Regular Screen Ad
(one full screen with graphics and/or text)
$5 $25 $60
Regular Screen Ad with Weather Channel crawl
(one full screen and the crawl on The Weather Channel during local forecast; large viewership)
$14 $70 $146
Weather Channel crawl alone
(the crawl on bottom of the local forecast)
$9 $45 $108
Dual ads
(two following in succession)
$7 $35 $84

Television Ad Descriptions & Prices

Civic interests and events, area church services, community events, etc. can be aired on regular schedule. Call today and find out how you can broadcast your local event.

The following time slot rates apply:
AM 6 a.m. - Noon $6.50 per hour
Afternoon Noon - 5 p.m. $6.75 per hour
Fringe 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. $28.00 per hour
Prime Time 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. $42.00 per hour
Late Night 10 p.m. - 6 a.m. $3.00 per hour

Account Setup Charge: $20.00

A 2 for 1 discount will be offered for the first 90 days of a contract. The discount may be extended upon renewal of the contract. Tapes must be delivered Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Advance payment required. TriCounty reserves the right to view tapes and decline broadcast if content is determined to be inappropriate.

Local Origination Channel 4 offers...

  • birthday and anniversary ads
  • public service announcements
  • community awareness
  • TriCounty special offers and subscriber messages

We have creative pictures and perfect backgrounds to fit any message. Our PC-based program has many graphics to choose from or you can bring your own picture. Your message will run two days for only $5. What a deal!

Everyone loves the Big Little Book—big on features, little in size.
Do you own a business and want to increase your sales? Do you advertise in the TriCounty Regional Telephone Directory? Yadtel Publishing canvasses businesses in the area for yellow page advertising each year beginning in September through November for publication in February.

TriCounty's Regional Telephone Directory is a favorite among locals. We are proud to announce our current Directory is better than ever and is the same small size you have come to love. The “little” book is often found in people’s cars and includes listings for Pike Road, Sidney, Pinetown, Washington, Aurora, Belhaven, Bath, Engelhard, Ocracoke, Swan Quarter, Creswell and Plymouth.

The directory is published annually in February with approximately 30,000 home and business deliveries normally completed by mid-February. The cover picture, featuring a local scenic venue, rotates between the three counties served by TriCounty Broadband and is contributed by local photographers.

Benefits of being in the TriCounty Regional Telephone Directory.
First, the obvious—it’s a year of ads. You will be getting your money’s worth because people are going to see your ad for an entire year! Your investment will pay off every month.

Secondly, think of the wide range of people that will see your ad. Over 30,000 directories are distributed in households, businesses and chambers of commerce in Beaufort, Hyde and Washington counties.

Lastly, you’ll be advertising 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a yellow page ad. Because of the convenient size, many people carry the TriCounty directory in their car as well as keeping one in their house. That is good use of your advertising dollars.

Sales Campaign:
Ends November every year
Contact Information:
Toll Free Telephone Number: (866) 463-1800
Fax: (336) 463-1600

Advertise on the Weather CHannel